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Spitbank Show

Spitbank Show

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Place: Spitbank Fort, the Solent
Date: Sat Feb 4th
Event: Emptifish reunion concert (to mark drummer Damian’s 40th birthday) + the Racketeers

We Autons have only just recovered from Saturday’s shenanigans on the Fort, which partially explains why this write-up is so late. Yes, it was one of those nights. The drink flowed freely and millions of brain cells were lost in the process.

You may recall that Autons were lined-up to play the night, too, but a few weeks before the show Damian contacted Tony and informed him that as Emptifish were now playing a full set instead of just a few songs (as was their original intention) there was, unfortunately, no room for us. At the time we were extremely disappointed. In the end we realised it was a blessing in disguise. I can’t really go into detail, but suffice to say that had we performed our particular brand of electro rock ‘n’ roll on this night we may very well have found our sorry plastic bods in the Solent within thirty seconds of the first song – Triton and all (which would actually be a fitting end to our beloved keyboard, seeing as it’s actually named after a half man/half fish sea god.)

Despite this, we all enjoyed the night immensely. The Racketeers were brilliant (as always) and what an honour to see the truly legendary Emptifish! Our heartfelt thanks go out to Damian for inviting us to this unique venue and occasion.

My only slight disappointment was that it wasn't the Fort where the Dr Who story 'The Sea Devils' was filmed. Now I'm being picky.

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