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Last Night

Last Night

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Well, nobody came up and kissed Tony, which was probably a great relief to all (especially to Leon, who has a tendency to get jealous about T's uncanny prowess with the oppsex.) Apart from that, it all went rather swimmingly. Great crowd, and it was nice to see a lot of our friends who travelled up from Pomp. We did two new ones (Renaldo and The Words She Said) as well as our forthcoming single Snakes/Ice Major. Renaldo himself did a weird sort-of 'dervish-twist' at one point, which actually looked quite dangerous.

Some thankyous:

Jez, for his wheels and his visuals; all the other bands (esp Jim from Scarlet Soho); Tim the MC; Andrejz (I know I haven't spelt that right) for putting the whole thing together; Pluto for supplying the sugar monkeys; Oncle Patrick for throwing the inflatable elephant on stage (genius); Nebulous Nerrin for being the friendliest person of all time; and lastly, the barmaid with the cool forties-style hair.

Of course, let's not forget what it was all for. Hopefully a lot of money was raised for Make-a-Wish.

Next episode:

Next Saturday, same venue. Two more new tunes. Come along and invade the stage.

No work, no prizes.

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